Infectious Disease Dynamics

I am also involved in two projects in conjunction with the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Penn State.

With Matthew Ferrari (PSU Biology) and Kirsten Eilertson (PSU Statistics), we are developing dynamic models for country wide dynamics of measles to facilitate immunization programs at the WHO and GAVI. For the WHO, we developed statistical methods to fit these dynamic models in order to predict and confirm case numbers for particular countries. With GAVI, we are currently creating predictive models to more efficiently use scarce vaccination resources. Chen Shi, a graduate student in Entomology, also worked on this project and is now a post-doc at NIMBioS.

With Mary Poss (PSU Biology) and several other collaborators, we have worked to model an in vitro system of epitheleal cells which are infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). I have worked with Francesca Chiaromonte and Ivan Simeonov (a graduate student) of the Statistics Department to develop spatial point process models to explore the dynamics of this system to understand the spatial interactions between cells which are infected with different strains of a virus.

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